For students entering OSU in Summer 2011 or later, the following changes in the Bacc Core will apply to all full-time and part-time degree students:

  1. Speech will replace the Writing III/Speech requirement. The courses that meet this requirement are COMM 111, 114, and 218.
  2. WR 121 must be completed with a C- or better.
  3. For first year students, WR 121, Math, and Speech must be completed in the first 45 hours of OSU coursework. WR II must be completed in the first 90 hours.
  4. For transfer students with sophomore standing and above, WR II and Speech must be completed with the first 45 hours of OSU coursework.

To earn a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) you must complete the following requirements:
Baccalaureate Core (48 Credits) - one course in each of the categories listed below.

__Writing I (3 Credits) = WR121
__Writing II (3 Credits)
__Writing III/Speech (3 Credits) (See above note regarding changes effective Summer 2011)
__Mathematics (3 Credits)
__Fitness (3 Credits) = HHS 231 or NFM 232 + lab (HHS 241-248)

PERSPECTIVES (No more than 2 from the same department)
__Physical Science with lab (4 Credits)
__Biological Science with lab (4 Credits)
__Choice of physical or biological science (4 Credits)
__Western Culture (3 Credits)
__Cultural Diversity (3 Credits)
__Literature and the Arts (3 Credits)
__Social Processes and Institutions (3 Credits)
__Difference, Power and Discrimination (3 Credits)

SYNTHESIS (Must be from different departments)
__Science, Technology and Society (3 Credits)
__Contemporary Global Issues (3 Credits)

__Writing Intensive Course (WIC) (3 Credits)

College of Science Requirements
__Mathematical Sciences (12 Credits) MTH 105 or higher or ST courses. (One CS course can be used if approved by the major dept.)
__Additional Science - including a two-term sequence with lab (15 Credits - 3 credits in addition to courses taken for the Bac Core)

Major Requirements—determined by the department
__36 Credits minimum. At least 24 credits must be upper division. These are minimum credits. Most majors require more.

Credits—180 minimum
__60 upper division (not counting Physical Activity Courses)

Grade Point Average
__2.00 (minimum) on OSU cumulative GPA
__2.00 minimum GPA in your major and minor. (Mathematics also has an upper division GPA requirement.)

__A minimum of 45 of the last 75 credits must be completed as OSU courses. At least 15 credits must be upper division in your major. Credits taken by special examination do not count. Approved off-campus degree programs are considered in residence. (See section 25f Academic Regulations and Procedures in the Registration Information Handbook.)

Application for degree
__Apply with the Registrar when senior standing is reached (135 credits, 2.00 GPA) or three terms in advance of graduation.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) You must complete the requirements listed above AND the following:
__Departmental Requirements for B.A.
__Foreign language proficiency equivalent to that attained at the end of the second year.
__Nine (9) credits of College of Liberal Arts electives in addition to the Baccalaureate Core.

Approved Baccalaureate Core courses are listed in General Catalog, the Schedule of Classes and on the web:


Rules governing the Core:

  1. No more than two courses from any one department may be used to satisfy the Perspectives category of the core.
  2. No single course may be used to satisfy more than one subject area of the core.
  3. Both Synthesis courses may not be from the same department.
  4. Double degrees or dual majors must take a WIC class in each major.

NOTE TO TRANSFER STUDENTS: An AAOT degree from an Oregon community college which meets the OUS community college block transfer agreement will satisfy the Skills and Perspectives requirements of the Baccalaureate Core. Up to 124 credits from a 2-year college may be used towards an OSU degree.