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Fall Dwindling Disease, Disappearing Disease, Fall Colony Collapse


Causative Agent: Unknown

Range: North America, possibly Europe

Life cycle/ Symptoms:

  • Unknown, hives that are weak in the Fall seam to be at higher risk
  • Apparently normal hives will disappear with in 1-2 weeks and few dead will be found in or around the hive. Occasionally the queen and a small number of workers will be found alive but encapsulated in the hive.


  • If you suspect one or more of your hives are experiencing CCD it is recommended that you :

    •  Do not combine a weak colony with a strong one

    •  If a colony fails and you suspect CCD place the hive and frames in a place where other colonies cannot raid it

    •  Use Fumagillan in your sugar water if feeding

    •  If you suspect CCD in a failing colony use Terramycin to treat for European Foulbrood

    •  If mites become a problem use soft chemicals, such as Apiguard, Apilife VAR, or MiteAway II to suppress populations.  


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References used:

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April 3, 2008