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The OSU Electron Microscopy Facility Host of ChemiSTEM Technology

Consuelo Carbonell-Moore is studying dinoflagellates from Indian Ocean. She currently holds a Courtesy Faculty appointment in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology.
The Titan TEM has been fully operational since May of 2012. It has four Bruker SDD detectors and a Gatan Tridiem GIF.
3D reconstruction of Tomogram of Alumina coated Cellulose Taken on OSU Titan
CBED of Silicon OSU Titan
High Resolution Si 110 on OSU Titan, this is a student made sample
EM Facility Home to Titan TEM, Quanta 3D FIB-SEM, Nova SEM, and ESEM
Cicada Teresa Sawyer on 600 FEG-ESEM
Radish Pollen Teresa Sawyer Quanta 600 FEG-ESEM
Carbon Nanotube Peter Eschbach 80 kV Titan TEM
Chemical Map Acquired on OSU Titan with ChemiSTEM
FIB Section of Titania Coated Lanthania Spheres Taken on Titan EFTEM mode 24 eV
TEM Sample Preparation on the OSU 3D FEG SEM Peter Eschbach
3D reconstruction of Gold Nanoparticles on Hematite Nanoparticle
EDS Tomogram of Silica Coated Iron Nanoparticle. Particle is nominally 30 nm
Silica coated Fe nanoparticle Oxygen and Fe EDS Tomogram. Reconstructed using Aviso software here at OSU EM Facility. Credit to Wei Luo for nanoparticles.
EDS linescan of Alumina layer on metal

Watch the video of our facility staff talking about what we do!

And another video focussed on our Industrial side made through our ONAMI partnership.  

The Electron Microscopy Facility at Oregon State University (OSU) is a service facility providing faculty, staff, students, and Industrial collaborators access to electron microscopes and related instrumentation. In addition to an FEI Titan with ChemiSTEM technology, we have staff that are experts in sample preparation and imaging to help you solve your problem. Walk through of the OSU Electron Microscope Facility The facility is supported from the Office of Vice-President for Research and the facility's client colleges. The Facility is located in 145 EM Suite in Linus Pauling Science Center. Major Instrument Calendars FEI TITAN 80-200 TEM/STEM with ChemiSTEM Technology, FEI QUANTA 3D dual beam SEM/FIB,FEI Helios NanoLab 650 high resolution SEM,FEI QUANTA 600FEG environmental SEM