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FEI Titan 80-200 TEM/STEM with ChemiSTEM Capability



Titan at OSU

The OSU Titan TEM with ChemiSTEM capability.  The Titan is now regularly used to generate high quality STEM EDS maps using its four Bruker SDD detectors.  It also has recently been used to generate Tomograms of nanomaterials for internal OSU customers.  In addition, every Tuesday and Thursday it is set to 80 kV and used by the OSU Biology community and investigators wishing enhanced contrast in materials such as Graphene.


  • Field emission electron source, XFEG for high brightness and stability compared with Tecnai.

  • Triple Lens that enables variable convergence angle on the multifunction knobs for fine tuning CBED and or EELS data.

  • Selectable beam acceleration voltages, 80-200 kilovolts

  • 0.24 nm TEM image resolution; information limit 0.11 nm

  • Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) with imaging resolution 0.16 nm

  • X-ray energy spectrometer (EDS, with four embedded Bruker SDD detectors), for elemental chemical composition, elemental distribution mapping, and line profile element analyses using ChemiSTEM technology

  • EFTEM and EELS via a Tridiem GIF.  Thickness maps, EFTEM maps and EELS spectra a readily attainable.

  • High angle annular dark field detector (HAADF) with variable camera length for tunable contrast

  • Electron diffraction using selected area, micro-diffraction, and convergent-beam methods

  • Equipped for in-situ heating experiments up to 1000°C, currently down but planned to be back

  • Cryogenic stage and transfer station for frozen specimen microscopy, in development.

  • 3D Tomography image reconstruction

  • Image capture via UltraScan 1000XP model 994 digital camera  



Titan Operation Manual

      This microscope was funded by:

  • National Science Foundation (NSF-MRI Award #1040588)

  • M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust (Murdock Foundation)

  • Oregon Nanoscience & Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI)

  • OSU Research Office

  • Colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Forestry, Science, and Veterinary Medicine
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