Infinite possibilities

Statistics and Mathematics Departments host conference for underrepresented minority women March 1 - 3, 2015.

Lionfish invasion continues

Lionfish study reveals most vulnerable prey

Global excellence

Physics professor receives international honor

The Terminator

Lionfish more “terminator” than predator, a behavior that's unusual and alarming

Sea star disease epidemic surges in Oregon

An estimated 30-50% of the Oregon sea star populations in the intertidal zone have the disease.

A homerun for treating Lou Gehrig’s disease

Copper compound could extend lifespan of those suffering from the debilitating disease

Even healthy corals have viruses

Science Nation video explores role viruses might play in revealing reef decline

Fundamental science at its best

New materials neutralize chemical warfare agents (Artwork by Vicent Lopez Ballester of Valencia, Spain, residing in Corvallis)

Coming back to the best coast

Jane Lubchenco returns to College of Science faculty after leading NOAA.

Trees go high-tech

Chemistry professor David Ji discovers process turning cellulose into energy storage devices