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Lionfish more “terminator” than predator, a behavior that's unusual and alarming
An estimated 30-50% of the Oregon sea star populations in the intertidal zone have the disease.
Copper compound could extend lifespan of those suffering from the debilitating disease
Science Nation video explores role viruses might play in revealing reef decline
New materials neutralize chemical warfare agents (Artwork by Vicent Lopez Ballester of Valencia, Spain, residing in Corvallis)
Jane Lubchenco returns to College of Science faculty after leading NOAA.
Chemistry professor David Ji discovers process turning cellulose into energy storage devices
A crowd of students and faculty celebrate their new identity
The new Integrative Biology Department welcomes its inaugural class on Charles Darwin’s birthday.
Partnership to help recruit top doctoral students
Smythe is pictured third from the right with College of Science Dean Sastry Pantula on the far right.
Christine Escher
Mathematics professor Christine Escher’s Women in Science award will give her more room for research in algebraic topology and differential geometry.
Annika Swanson
Through research and international experiences, College of Science undergraduate Annika Swanson is pursuing her passion of understanding environmental pollution and toxicity.
Ethan Minot
The proteins in our bodies fight infection, carry messages, ferry oxygen and build tissue. But then, like double agents in a spy novel, they can betray us.
Andy Karplus
There’s nothing like a new pair of eyeglasses to bring fine details into sharp relief.
Oksana Ostroverkhova
Associate professor of physics Oksana Ostroverkhova will spend a year working a research review in the quickly evolving field of optoelectronics.