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Winter 2019

Final Exam Answer Key

General Biology, BI 102, introduces topics critical to understanding how life works; the fields of genetics, evolution, and behavior. The format is a mixture of lecture, laboratories & recitations, online readings, Biology Journals, and Digital Posts. The two weekly lectures are 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday in LInC 100 (Learning Innovation Center, Arena). Laboratory meets each week for one hour and 50 minutes in 129 WNGR (Weniger Hall) and recitation meets each week for 50 minutes in 127 WNGR (Weniger Hall).

All lectures, labs, and recitations meet the first week of the term (week of January 8).

Week #1 It can be helpful to read the activities prior to attending class, especially if you have any concerns about reading skills and vocabulary. There is no need to print these two activities because we will be handing them out in class. The Recitation activity (50min in WNGR 127) is Darwin, Mendel, and Scientific Inquiry (PDF) the Laboratory activity (1hr 50min. in WNGR 129) is Genetics and Evolution of Corn (PDF).

Nature of Science Survey Answers

The Final Exam is Monday March 18 at 7:30 a.m. Following OSU policies (AR 16 Finals Week), the BI102 Final Exam is not offered before the Registrar's officially scheduled date and time. Do not schedule leaving for Spring break prior to the final exam.

Need to change laboratory/recitation sections? OSU has an online waiting list system. If you are on the waiting list it does not mean that you are in the course or that a seat will become available. Students cannot attend a laboratory/recitation section they are not enrolled in. Additionally, BI102 does not offer overrides or overenroll sections.

Much of the information about this course is also supplied as part of the activity manual purchased at the OSU Beaver Store.

Supplemental Genetics Links These links are intended to provide additional information on topics covered in the labs and recitations, for people who are interested in learning more. Only the information presented in lecture, lab, recitation, and the online readings appears on the exam assessments.

Biology 102 does not have class on Monday at 7pm. This time slot is for the two scheduled evening exams.