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Syllabus - Introduction

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BI 101, 102, 103, also called General Biology, Gen Bio, or BI 10x, are introductory courses intended to develop knowledge and skills that can support a lifetime of learning biology. BI 101 emphasizes the natural history of biodiversity, ecology, and environmental science. BI 102 introduces topics critical to understanding how life works; the fields of genetics, evolution, and behavior. BI 103 explores the complexity of the human body with anatomy, physiology, and disease. Each course is worth four credits, has a laboratory, and is accessible to both lower and upper division students who would like to fulfill the baccalaureate core requirement for a life science perspectives course. There are no prerequisites for this course. To determine if this course is a good fit with your academic program, review the topics covered in the course schedule as well as the information in this syllabus.

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