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Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is strongly valued in General Biology. Typically two types of problems can arise: cheating on exams, and plagiarism on portfolios. Neither of these are tolerated, and any cases will result in a negative impact on the course grade.

Cheating on exams includes copying someone else's answers, using notes, electronic communication, etc.

Plagiarism is claiming someone else's ideas and/or work as your own, and not giving credit to the source. "Someone else" is defined as; any published or unpublished work (e.g. an internet site, a book, a magazine, thesis, etc), a fellow student, an instructor, etc. If it is not your personal original idea or work it is someone else's and they must be given credit for it.

If you are not sure whether any part of your portfolio could be considered plagiarized, check with your GTA prior to submitting the portfolio for grading.

AR 15. Honesty in Academic Work