Public Relations Ambassadors

The College of Science is currently recruiting students to join our team of Public Relations Ambassadors! We are looking for highly-motivated, self-sufficient students from a variety of science majors who are students in our College. Ambassadors assist with outreach activities and represent the College student body when meeting with alumni, Board of Advisors, potential students and parents and other visitors who want to share their passion for science and for OSU.

Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the College and prospective students and their families. Their main responsibility is to provide general information about our different departments as well as answer questions about student life on campus. Our ambassadors lead campus visitors on tours of science buildings and labs and represent the College at both on- and off-campus recruitment events.

If you have strong interpersonal skills, initiative, leadership ability, and a desire to promote the College of Science, please apply!  *Applications can be submitted via Beaver Careers: 

You will need to use the following information to apply: 

Job ID: 12129

Job Name: College of Science Ambassador


Benefits of Being a COS Ambassador

  • Opportunity to network with university administrators, faculty, industry professionals, and the community.
  • Chance to positively contribute to the College's student recruitment efforts and to the community's perception of and interest in science.
  • Valuable work and leadership experience to include on resumes and to discuss during interviews.
  • Financial compensation of $10 per hour worked. 
  • Prestige associated with serving on a team of highly motivated and respected undergraduates.

Selection, Training, and Time Commitment

Public Relations Ambassadors are selected during Winter Term and receive training in Spring Term once all ambassadors have been hired. Individual interviews are scheduled and conducted by current Ambassadors. The Ambassador Coordinator oversees the process. Training covers the following areas::

  • University - Financial Aid, Study Abroad, Student Support Services, Career Services
  • College of Science - Departments, science clubs, job opportunities, with more information acquired through students' research and interviews
  • New Student Recruitment - Review events and assign responsibilities

Students are expected to serve as an Ambassador beginning Summer 2016 and continue through Spring 2017. Ambassadors should expect a time commitment of 20-30 hours per term (ranging from 0-5 hours/week).  The hours will vary throughout the year depending on events and the tour schedule.

We hope you will consider being an Ambassador for the College of Science!

For more information about the College of Science Ambassadors, please contact:

Shan Lansing 
128 Kidder Hall