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The College of Science provides excellent preparation for success in professional health disciplines. Find information to help you chart your course toward a future in the health professions.

Preparing for Medical School

Preparing for Dental School

Preparing for Pharmacy School

Additional Biology degree pre-health professional options

Volunteer Opportunities for Pre-Health Students


Biology Degree Program Outcomes

1. Successful integration in to a research university setting:
 Students will demonstrate understanding of the skill set needed for successful integration in to a research university setting.
2. Professional communication skills used in a health professions related career:
Students will communicate professionally both verbally and in writing.
3. Student Engagement:
Students will demonstrate engagement in the General Sciences discipline through involvement in research or internship activities, the Pre-Health Clubs (i.e. Pre-nursing, pre-Pharmacy, pre-Medical, pre-Dental, pre-Physical Therapy, etc.) and outreach or mentoring activities specific to their health professional discipline.
4. Life Sciences Specific Core Knowledge:
Students will be able to acquire, articulate, retain and apply specialized language and knowledge relevant to life sciences.
5. Professional School Acceptance:
Students will meet pre-requisite requirements for application to health professions school.