Information about the premedical program at OSU:
Why choose OSU for premedical studies?

Variety of Majors

Students can apply to medical school with any major, as long as required Pre Med courses are completed. OSU offers the greatest variety of majors of any university in the state. Our Pre Med students choose majors in Science (Biology, Biochemistry/Biophysics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Zoology), Engineering (Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Radiation Health Physics), Health and Human Sciences (Exercise and Sports Science, Nutrition, Public Health), and Liberal Arts (History, Music, Psychology, Spanish, etc).

Pre Med Degree Information: Majors in the College of Science which work well as preparation for medical school

Research Opportunities

Research enhances a student’s medical school application and OSU attracts more research funding than any other institution in the state. For FY 2012, OSU faculty brought in more than $281 Million. Most of our premed students are involved in some kind of research, and they can get a Transcript Notation for their research or creative efforts. For more information about research opportunities including OSU-sponsored summer research programs see

Experienced, Accessible Advisors

Access to experienced Pre Med advisors is extremely important. The advisors at Oregon State will be available to help students and ensure that they are on track with their Pre Med preparation. OSU has a Pre-Medical Committee composed of 15 experienced academic advisors and faculty members who meet with students and help them with all aspects of the preparation and application. Dr. Kevin Ahern teaches a popular class, Science in the Public Eye, where interviewing and writing skills in a scientific context are stressed.

Special Pre Med Courses and Pre Med Programs

During spring quarter OSU offers a helpful Pre Med Orientation Course, BI 109, which features local physicians, admissions officers, and information about coursework, majors, finances, etc.

For those applying to medical school, there is an application seminar series consisting of informational sessions and discussions about health care issues, and there is assistance offered at every step of the application process.

The Preceptorship Program matches Pre Med students with local physicians, so that they can learn more about the profession.

In addition speakers, such as Dr. John Kitzhaber, Oregon governor and author of the Oregon Health Plan, visit campus on a regular basis. OSU also has a medical Humanities program:


The OSU College of Science offers many scholarships for Pre Med students in a variety of majors. In addition, there are 6 scholarships for students beginning medical school. See the scholarship application, and note that only current OSU students are eligible to apply.

Postbaccalaureate Students

OSU accepts postbac students: /node/356 

Excellent Track Record with Admissions

OSU graduates attend medical schools all across the country. Our students are well-regarded and well-prepared. Generally about 65-70% of our applicants are admitted compared to 42% nationally. Our performance on the MCAT is always well above average, with students regularly scoring above the 95th percentile. Medical schools' admissions directors (such as OHSU, Stanford University, Washington University, Medical College of Wisconsin, etc) have visited campus, and Ms. Pereira has been invited to visit a number of medical schools. OHSU admits many students from OSU.