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Advising and Student Services

Electronics Lab Physics

Academic advisors can help with more than just choosing classes


·Career planning (what can I do with this major?)
·Gaining experience in your field (jobs, internships, etc.)
·Addressing difficulties you may be having in classes
·Locating campus resources and getting involved on campus
·Exploring minors and elective courses
·Getting started with undergraduate research
·Learning about study abroad opportunities
·Preparing for graduate or professional school


Advising in our college is decentralized.  Students can get advising from both faculty members and professional advisors in individual departments. Below is a list of our advisors for each department as well as our professional advisors.

If you have any questions, please contact the Head Advisor in the College of Science Dean’s Office located in Kidder Hall, room 128 or call 541-737-4811.


Advisor Major and Options Served Office Phone Email
Claire Colvin Head Advisor for College of Science KIDD 128 541-737-4811 claire.colvin@oregonstate.edu
Chere Pereira Chief Pre-Medical and Chief Pre-Dental Advisor KIDD 128 541-737-4811 chere.pereira@oregonstate.edu
Christopher Wheeler General Science: Pre-Nursing, Pre-Dental NASH 220 541-737-3875 christopher.wheeler@oregonstate.edu
Alex Aljets General Science: Pre-Pharmacy NASH 223 541-737-3875 alex.aljets@oregonstate.edu
Ariella Wolf General Science: Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Optometry NASH 221 541-737-3875 ariella.wolf@oregonstate.edu
Kevin Ahern Chief Biochemistry Biophysics Advisor ALS 2145 541-737-8906 ahernk@science.oregonstate.edu
Andy Karplus Biochemistry Biophysics ALS 2101B 541-737-3196 karplusp@science.oregonstate.edu
Indira Rajagopal Biochemistry Biophysics ALS 2149 541-737-4014 rajagopi@onid.orst.edu
Brock McLeod Chief Biology/Zoology Advisor CORD 3029 541-737-2993 brock.mcleod@oregonstate.edu
Jennifer Olarra Biology/Zoology Advisor CORD 3029 541-737-2993 jennifer.olarra@oregonstate.edu
Maureen Leong-Kee Biology/Zoology Advisor  CORD 3029 541-737-2993 maureen.leong-kee@oregonstate.edu
Christine Pastorek Chief Chemistry Advisor GILB 247 541-737-2081 christine.pastorek@oregonstate.edu
Bill Bogley Chief Mathematics Advisor KIDD 368 541-737-5170 MathHeadAdvisor@math.oregonstate.edu
Lyn Riverstone Mathematics KIDD 368 541-737-5170 UnderGradInfo@math.oregonstate.edu
David Wing Mathematics KIDD 368 541-737-5170 UnderGradInfo@math.oregonstate.edu
Linda Bruslind Microbiology NASH 322 541-737-1842 bruslindl@oregonstate.edu
Tasha Biesinger Microbiology NASH 326 541-737-1840 tasha.biesinger@oregonstate.edu
Henri Jansen Chief Physics Advisor WNGR 303 541-737-4631 physics.chair@science.oregonstate.edu


Advising Links


Advisors are restricted by Federal law (FERPA) from releasing any information about a student’s class schedule, grades, transcripts, advising checklist, or other specific information to anyone without written permission from that student. A Consent for Student Release of Information form may be obtained from the Head Advising Office in Kidder 128 and must be signed in person by the student in order to release designated information to other parties. Advisors may give out general information such as what resources are available at OSU, what classes and majors are offered, and what general strategies are appropriate to follow in certain situations. Other useful resources include:

Office of the Registrar 541-737-4331

Dean of Students 541-737-8748

Office of Academic Programs        541-737-9560

Careers and Majors

Go to the descriptions of the career choices majors advised in science. You can also earn an International Degree with any degree in the College of Science.

Course Information

Advisors and PIN Numbers

  • It's recommended that you see your advisor at least once a term.
  • Every current student is assigned a personal identification number (PIN) once a year. Students need to obtain their PIN from their advisor, in order to register for fall term. For more information, go to Registration PIN Policy.

Study Skills Workshops and Special Help

Community College Credit for Organic Chemistry

Transfer students who have taken Organic Chemistry Courses at a Oregon Community College may want to find out more about the Organic Chemistry Policy at Oregon State University.

Degree Partnership Programs

This program allows you to be jointly admitted and enrolled at Oregon State University and any Oregon community college partner.

List Serves

Electronic mailing lists provide current information on scholarships, curricular changes, internships / job opportunities, and much more.

Student Resources

Science offers OSU students many exciting learning experiences on campus, throughout the country, and abroad. Below are resources to help students get the most out of their experience at OSU.