Pre-Medicine: Applying for Medical School

Step 1: Letters of Evaluation

Students applying for medical school may create a profile page to collect letters of evaluation electronically. A member of the OSU Pre-Medical Committee will review the letters. Letters on your behalf can be sent to us any time, and we will keep them on file until you apply. Letters should be submitted to the premedical committee by June 25 of the year you are applying to medical school.

*Please note that the College of Public Health and Human Sciences (PHHS) has their own letter system, so those students should not be using this system. Instead, please refer to this document: 


Start by creating your Pre-Med Student Profile in the Health Professions Portal:

  • Letters of Evaluation -
    • Please first confirm with your potential letter writers that they will be able to write you a strong and positive letter of recommendation. Once you have confirmed with them that they are willing to write you a letter, you may add that person as an evaluator. Fill out an "Evaluator Profile" to enter his/her name and contact information. Once added, an email is automatically sent to that letter writer with the guidelines for composing a letter of recommendation (see link below), as well as a link to upload a letter directly to your student profile. 
  • Guidelines for Letters of Evaluation for letter writers
  • Minimal Requirements: Most medical schools minimally require to have at least 2 letters for recommendation from science faculty and one from a physician. The OSU premedical committee requires this minimum in order to use the committee letter system. 

Signature Page: Students who go through the OSU system to assist with collecting and submitting letters of recommendation for medical school applicatoins will need to complete a signature page for the Statement of Understanding and Statement of Confidentiality. Students will recieve this form when they meet with a coordinating member of the pre-medical committee to review their application status and "premed file" (see Step 3 below). 


Step 2: Should I apply to Medical School now?

You may review the General Application Timeline for the timeline for applying to medical school.

Are you ready to apply to medical school? Please complete this initial, quick self-assessment to help you determine your readiness for applying to medical school. Review your self-assessment with your academic advisor. Think about how you have developed the Core Competencies that medical schools look for in applicants. 

Review the AAMC's Anatomy of an Applicant page to see where you stand on your core competencies and to view their more in-depth self-assessment guide


Step 3: Opening your Pre-Medical File

Students who plan on using the committee letter writing services at OSU must open their premedical file with one of the pre-medical committee coordinating advisors via a meeting. You will do this in the winter or early spring term of the year that you plan on applying to medical school. Students who are taking a "gap year" should open their pre-medical file before they graduate. 

  • Procedures and Deadlines for applying to medical school for the current cycle
  • Application Seminar - The application seminars offered during Fall and late Winter or early Spring terms each year will be the most accurate and current source of information and advice about the application process, obtained directly from the medical schools and application services. The Spring seminars are usually held in May once the current year’s application cycle is analyzed for trends. They are announced on the pre-med listserve.
  • Students must open their pre-medical file by June 8 of the year they intend to apply to medical school. Steps to open your pre-medical file:
    1. To get started, go to the Pre-Medical File Intake Web Form within the Health Pofessions Portal. You will login to your pre-med student profile (same username and password you created for your profile for letters of evaluation). You MUST complete this form in order to initiate the process of opening your pre-medical file. You will be able to log back into your account to make edits to this web form. 
    2. Once your form is submitted, a coordinating member of the Pre-Medical Committee will follow up with you after an initial review of your pre-medical file form to set up a meeting. 
    3. In order to be eligible to use the premed committee letter service, you must have at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA and a 500 MCAT Score (or 24 old MCAT score). You must also have completed at least 45 credits of premedical prerequisite courses at OSU. You also need to obtain at least 2 letters of recommendation from science faculty and one letter from a physician. 
    4. Agreement of an advisor to compose a committee letter on behalf of a student is at the discretion of the advisor. 
    5. For any questions regarding the pre-medical application process, please email


 Health professions portal 


Step 4: After you submit your med school applications

  • Have you been accepted? Please let us know whether or not you've been accepted.

You can send an email to