Deadline to submit 2016 Promotion and Tenure materials: December 5

College of Science Promotion and Tenure Committee Elections

Accepted Fall 2015

The College of Science Promotion and Tenure Committee shall be comprised of nine tenured Full Professors and two faculty at the Senior Instructor II rank; all must have a majority of their appointment in the College of Science. The members of the Committee are to be elected by faculty members with the majority of their appointment in the College of Science, and according to the rules in the faculty handbook. Retired faculty members are not eligible to serve; also not eligible to serve are Department Chairs/Heads except as noted below.

The nine professors will include one member from each department plus two members-at-large, and they will be elected for three year terms except as noted below. The two Senior Instructor II members will both be at-large and will be elected to a two year term (except to fill a vacancy); they will participate only in discussions and votes on cases involving promotion from Instructor to Senior Instructor I or from Senior Instructor I to Senior Instructor II . Three members at the Professor rank and one at the Senior Instructor II rank will be elected every year unless additional members are needed to fill a vacancy, such as may occur due to a resignation or a sabbatical or other leave.

Any vacant positions will also be filled during an election and the length of service for members elected to such positions will be derived from the position being filled. If departmental composition, sabbaticals or other exceptional circumstances occur that would result in a department not having a Full Professor serve on the Committee, the Department Chair/Head may be appointed for a one-year term.

Elections will be held every October. The ballot will contain the names of all faculty members in the college eligible for election. Thus, excluded will be those committee members whose term has not yet expired, those faculty who have just completed a full regular term of service, those faculty members expected to be on sabbatical or other leave, as well as the Dean, Associate Deans and Department Chairs/Heads (except as noted above). Faculty members are expected to serve if elected. In unusual circumstances, a request not to serve after being elected may be submitted to the Dean of the College of Science, who will decide on the request.

Every faculty member will cast five votes for Professor rank faculty and two votes for Senior Instructor II rank faculty. Votes will be counted by the Associate Deans. For the Professor rank positions, if a department is not represented in the set of faculty members continuing on the committee, the person with the highest number of votes in that department will be elected. For the at-large positions, the two members at the same rank must not be from the same department as each other. Depending on the number of vacancies to be filled, the one or two faculty in each rank elected will be those with the largest number of votes that also meet the condition that the at-large members at the same rank not be from the same department. In case of a tie, a decision will be made by the Associate Deans using a random draw. The chair of the College of Science Promotion and Tenure Committee will be the person on the committee with the largest number of years of service on the committee.

The College of Science Promotion and Tenure Committee will hold its deliberations from mid-December to mid-February, and committee members are expected to be available during that time period. The Committee may also be called on to meet and deliberate at other times to consider College Promotion & Tenure policies and norms, and any other matters as may be raised by either the Dean or by faculty.