A GRB lightcurve from BATSE

Gamma-Ray Bursts are the brightest explosions in the present day Universe. They release, in a matter of several seconds, more energy than the sun in it's entire life of ten billion years. The gamma-ray bursts group at OSU, led by Prof. Davide Lazzati, studies the theory of long-duration GRBs in all its aspects. Long duration GRBs are produced by relativistic jet of plasma ejected in the core of massive stars at the end of their evolutionary cycle. The group studies the mechanisms for the energy release in the core of the star, the physics of the jet propagation, the emission of the prompt radiation, and the afterglow emission.

Fading X-ray afterglow from BeppoSAX

The techniques used are both analytical and numerical. The goal is to produce theoretical predictions that can be compared to observations to increase our understanding of such fascinating phenomena.

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