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Ethan Minot

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417 Weniger Hall,
ph (541)737-9671
fax (541)737-1683
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2012 Associate Professor, Dept of Physics, OSU
2007 Assistant Professor, Dept of Physics, OSU
2006 Post doc, molecular biophysics group of Cees Dekker, Delft University of Technology
2005 Post doc, quantum transport/optics group of Leo Kouwenhoven, Delft University of Technology
2004 PhD, Cornell University in the group of Paul McEuen (physics of carbon nanotubes)
1999 BSc, Massey University (New Zealand) in the group of Paul Callaghan (nuclear magentic resonance)
2012 NSF CAREER Award
2010 HFSP Young Investigator Award
2000 NSF Graduate Fellowship
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