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 +===== APS North West Conference (APS) =====
 +This small meeting typically happens in May. 
 +"The section'​s purpose is to facilitate the exchange of physics information and discussion among APS members living in the Pacific NorthWest (primarily Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming). ​ The Section places emphasis on  including physics students and young physicists in our activities.
 +As an APS member, you may join the APS North West Section free, forever. By joining the Section, you strengthen Physics in the Northwest. Each member of the Section also brings in a small amount of funding from the APS and these funds are used to support students who attend ​
 +our meetings each year.
 +We encourage undergraduate physicists to come to our meetings, as they are the future of physics. ​ This year there will be a special SPS-sponsored session at our meeting. ​ We will again allocate a  limited number of travel subsidies to graduate as well as undergraduate physics students."​

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