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 +====== Committee meetings ======
 +The [[http://​oregonstate.edu/​dept/​grad_school/​current/​success.html|"​guide to success"​]] website for OSU grads contains info about committee composition and procedures for formal meetings.
 +===== First committee meeting =====
 +First committee meeting occurs during the first half of your second year (when you have chosen an adviser). The [[http://​oregonstate.edu/​dept/​grad_school/​current/​forms.html#​program|program of study form]] must be completed before this meeting. You will fill in all courses you have taken and all courses you are planning to take. The list of courses must satisfy grad school requirements and department requirements. Fill out the form electronically and show it to Ethan before the meeting.
 +===== Oral prelim exam =====
 +You take this exam when you have achieved proficiency in the lab and have some preliminary results. The committee'​s needs to see that you have an interesting research project and that you are prepared to tackle the research with some independence.
 +===== Thesis defense =====

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