Contributing to the wiki

You need a user account to do edit and create pages. Contact Ethan Minot to get a user account. Group members are expected to contribute to the wiki. It is a fast and effective way to share and record what you learn about everyday lab skills. If you haven't contributed to a wiki before, here is some advice from wikipedia which applies equally well to our wiki:

Be bold in editing, moving, and modifying articles, because the joy of editing is that, although it should be aimed for, perfection is not required. And do not worry about messing up. All prior versions of articles are kept, so there is no way that you can accidentally damage Wikipedia or irretrievably destroy content.

To create a new page in the wiki, add a link to an existing page. For example, if there is a topic missing from the list of contents below, add a new topic. You can learn the syntax for creating and editing pages (making headings, lists and links) by looking at existing pages in the “edit this page” format. More instructions for editing the wiki are at


How to

  • Change the navigation box: There should be an [edit] button. Otherwise go to public_html\wiki\data\pages\wiki\navigation.txt and change the list (or adjust permissions).
  • Change the top left corner image: go to public_html\wiki\lib\tpl\monobook\user\logo.png, this image name and location is referenced in the code.

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