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   *Rafting the McKensie River   *Rafting the McKensie River
   *Rafting the Clackamas River (http://​www.blueskyrafting.com/​clackamas-info.htm) (Biophysics department did a trip with this company).   *Rafting the Clackamas River (http://​www.blueskyrafting.com/​clackamas-info.htm) (Biophysics department did a trip with this company).
 +  *Wineries near Salem (Johan, Left Coast, Orchard Heights etc.)
 +===410-07 Refreshments or Meals at Unit Functions===
 +Fiscal Operations Manual
 +Section 400: Expenditures
 +Effective: 01/01/2003
 +Revised: 1/10/2013
 +Refreshments,​ meals, or affiliated supplies (ie paper plates, cups, etc) at unit functions can be paid with university funds when the activity meets one of the following criteria:
 +  *training or workshop lasting at least two hours
 +  *unit staff retreat with written agenda and held away from the normal work location and in a private room
 +  *employee working meal with required attendance and business conducted during the meal period (as documented in meeting agenda); location is not at a restaurant, unless in a private room
 +  *employee meal provided at worksite during an overtime period, two or more hours beyond the end of employee’s work shift, when duties prevent the employee from taking a meal break (must be clearly documented)
 +  *University funds cannot be used to pay for employee meals or refreshments for regularly scheduled unit meetings.
 +  *Use of the employee working meal option by a unit should be infrequent.
 +The request for payment must:
 +  *document the purpose of the function, agenda, names of the attendees, and why that time of day requirement (if a meal).
 +  *include the average per person cost on the first line of TEXT in the Banner document and may not exceed the current OUS per diem. The cost includes the price of the meal, delivery and tip.
 +  *use account code 28611 Refreshments and Food – Departmental to process invoice payments or reimbursements.
 +NOTE: Meals and refreshment costs cannot be paid with Petty Cash funds nor departmental purchasing card.

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