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 ====== Graphene Fabrication ====== ====== Graphene Fabrication ======
 +Some trouble shooting tips about the 4" furnace.
 +  - Tips seals on the scroll pump which backs the turbo pump can degrade over time. The tip seals must be in excellent condition to pump H2. The scroll pump will detect problems and will slow down from 80,0000 rpm to much less (visible on the communications port of the Turbo pump unit). The pressure in the growth chamber will climb gradually when H2 flow is initiated - rather than holding steady over the 10 minute time scale. ​
 +  - After a CNT growth run there will be alcohol vapor in the lines. Turn on the Ar line to purge for 10 minutes. ​
 __**A note about PMMA:**__ __**A note about PMMA:**__

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