Group photos

Research group in Fall 2016.
Research group in Fall 2015.
Research group in Summer 2014. Standing from left to right: Abby, Tal, Ethan, Lee, Mike and Morgan. Larger version of photo.
Spring 2013.
Research group at the start of summer in 2012. From left to right Heather Wilson, Ethan Minot, Jenna Wardini, Josk Kevek (visiting from Cornell), Tristan DeBorde, Landon Prisbrey, Tal Sharf, Sophie Ripp (visiting from Nijmegen. Group photos from previous years.
Research group during the summer in 2011. From left to right (rear) Tristan DeBorde, Tal Sharf, Ji-Yong Park, Landon Prisbrey, and Tom Novet, (front) Jenna Wardini, Ji-Yong's Son, and Ethan Minot holding Ansel.
Research group during the summer in 2010. Josh, Landon, Canan, Rachel, Tal, Justin, Ryan, Claire, standing up, and Tristan, Ethan and Matt in the front.
Research group during the summer in 2009. Josh, Caleb, Matt, Tristan, Landon and Ethan standing up, Canan in the front. Undergrads who are not present (because they just graduated): Ramsi, Colin and Michael.
Our research group in the academic year 07/08: Ethan, Tristan, Josh, Matt, Caleb, Landon, Daniel, Jörg.

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