Hosting a speaker for PH607

Your responsibilities as a host:

  1. One week before: Email the speaker and tell him/her you are the host, thank them for volunteering to speak, and offer to give any help that you can. Confirm the start time of the talk (some Fridays it is on the hour, some Fridays it is 15 minutes past the hour). Confirm that you will provide a projector with VGA connector, ask if he/she will be bringing a laptop to give the talk. Please copy me on the email.
  2. Sometime before Friday: write an introduction for the speaker's talk. The purpose of the introduction is to inform the audience about previous research experience and her credentials (where they did a PhD and postdoc, what fields they have studied during their career, if they have received any special honors).
  3. On Friday at 12.45pm drop by my office (or another professor) and pick up the projector together. Set up the project in Weniger 377 so it is turned on, focused and ready to go.
  4. At the seminar, pass around the attendence_sheet_2013.pdf (please deliver the sheet to Ethan's mailbox in 301 Weniger sometime after the seminar).
  5. At the seminar: Stand up and introduce the speaker directly before they give their talk.
  6. After the seminar (within 3 days): Consider sending a short thank you note (it is always appreciated). Typically you would mention something you thought was good about the talk.

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