Weniger 100

Bill Warren is out of town until early Feb. He will try to answer questions by email.

First draft of room layout. “Generally speaking, the stuff on the west side of the room can go – the old ESR spectrometer and the desk in the SW corner of the room.” -Bill Warren. The old ESR spectrometer will be removed before installing new optical table. “On the basis of a discussion with Henri Jansen, it my understanding that the large NMR magnet and the homemade spectrometer in the SE corner of the room can stay for a time.” -Bill Warren
Lab from entrancePhoto of Lab from entrance.
Two TablesTwo tables that we need to move to make room for the optics table.
NENorth east corner of two tables. “This is mostly stuff that was moved out of the back room when it was cleaned up for Oksana. Since then I think others have also “contributed” items to the tables.” - Bill Warren
SESouth east corner of two tables. “The glass Dewars are hazardous should they break and implode. I think they should be removed as soon as possible. Anyone handling them should wear safety glasses.” -Bill Warren
SWSouth west corner of two tables.
NWNorth west corner of two tables.

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