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 ====== Machine shop class ====== ====== Machine shop class ======
-Next class will be offered during the summer of 2008. Preliminary dates are July 7-10 1-pm at LBCC Albany. ​+The 2008 summer class is confirmed for July 7, 8, 9 & 10,  from to PM. It is taught by John Niedermann (john.niedermann@linnbenton.edu or 541.917.4600) ​at the Albany ​LBCC campus. The class meets in room IB118; it is adjacent to the north parking lot at the Albany ​LBCC campus. Please see the LBCC website for a [[http://​www.linnbenton.edu/​go/​campus-maps|campus map]]. 
 +Topics covered include measuring tools, lathe and mill set-up and operation and how to "get along" in a shared machine shop setting. The focus is design for manufacturability with a potato launcher project designed to prepare students to work on their own. There will be a contest.
 List of interested people: List of interested people:

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