Industry Contacts

  • Sharp: (Paul Schuele)
  • Intel:,
  • Invitrogen:,
  • Voxtel:, (David M. Schut)
  • Virogenomics:
  • HP:
  • SpectraWatt: juanita kirtin

OSU Contacts

Joe Majeski 7-7646Coordinates the cleaning service on campus, can get the labs mopped and waxed
Joe Heebjheeb@gcaservices.comCleaning services, got his night manager to wax 306 for us
Keith Houston541-207-5343Night manager for cleaning services,
Lance Jones EHS, coordinate fume hoods, ventilation issues
Andrew Gray Organizes asbestos removal
Ted Flory541-206-1775 (cell)Plumber working for facilities,
John Doll Lead carpenter for facilities
Scotty Cellarium541 754 9211 or 230 0504 (cell)Owner of Hammerquist Inc. Contractor who does ducting for the university (quoted $4000 for the fume hood, Paul Kevek did it for $2230)
Andy RaderAndyR@floorsol.comFloor solutions

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