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 +====== Other etching options ======
 +There is a plasma cleaner in the group of Vince Remcho in the OSU Chemistry department. It is designed to create free radicals, but doesn'​t accelerate them toward the surface. We tried it, it didn't remove any CNTs.
 +The McEuen lab uses a plasma cleaner from Harrick Plamsa.
 +"​It'​s powerful enough the kill nanotubes devices in ONE second, i.e. making NTs no longer conductive. Their '​dead'​ body may still be on the surface with such a short etching. A longer etching may remove everything."​
 +The Harrick unit is $3350 for the basic unit + $1365 for a basic vacuum pump = $4715. There may be an educational discount. ​
 +"The pump is essential to achieve vacuum. In the McEuen group, the plasma cleaner is hooked up to oxygen and nitrogen tanks. But if that's too much trouble for you to setup, or all you need to do is to kill tubes, you can just let a bit of air into the chamber. That's how the Craighead lab uses their plasma cleaner."​
 +A cheaper version may be available from bioforce.
 +Brett Goldsmith used this model to etch away photoresist in about 10 minutes.

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