Groups with similar interests

  • Bockrath, Mark, UC Riverside
  • Clelend, UC Santa Barbara
  • Collins, Phillip, UC Irvine
  • Cumings, John, University of Maryland Physics and Materials Science
  • Cronin, Steve, USC Electrical Engineering
  • Dai, Honjie, Stanford (Chemistry department, invented CVD growth, now does a lot of medical applications)
  • Fuhrer, Michael U. Maryland
  • Hertel, Vanderbilt University
  • Geim, Andrei, U. Manchester
  • Hone, Jim, Columbia
  • Javey, UC Berkeley
  • Johnson, Charlie, U. Penn (CNT and graphene applications)
  • Kong, Jing, MIT (invented CVD growth)
  • Kotov, Nicholas, U. Mich. (CNTs for bio-interface)
  • Lau, Jeanie, UC Riverside
  • LeRoy, Brian, Arizona (STM of nanomaterials)
  • Lee, Ji-Ung, Physics (suspended CNT pn junctions, graphene)
  • Lieber, Charles, Harvard
  • Mannik, Jaan, University of Tennessee (Biological imaging/sensing)
  • McEuen, Paul, Cornell
  • Noy, Aleksandr, UC Merced (CNTs for bio-interface, particularly lipid membranes, high res AFM)
  • Nuckells, Collin, Columbia University (Chemistry Department, CNT functionalization)
  • Park, Jiwoong, Cornell
  • Rogers, John, UI-Urbana-Champagne (strongly focused on applications of flexible electronics)
  • Strano, Michael, MIT (Chemistry Department, CNT optical measurements).
  • Star, Alex, University of Pittsburg, Biosensing
  • Zhong, Zhaohui, U Michigan (suspended CNT pn junctions)

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