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   *Lau, Jeanie, UC Riverside   *Lau, Jeanie, UC Riverside
   *LeRoy, Brian, Arizona (STM of nanomaterials)   *LeRoy, Brian, Arizona (STM of nanomaterials)
 +  *Lee, Ji-Ung, Physics (suspended CNT pn junctions, graphene)
   *Lieber, Charles, Harvard   *Lieber, Charles, Harvard
   *Mannik, Jaan, University of Tennessee (Biological imaging/​sensing)   *Mannik, Jaan, University of Tennessee (Biological imaging/​sensing)
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   *Strano, Michael, MIT (Chemistry Department, CNT optical measurements).   *Strano, Michael, MIT (Chemistry Department, CNT optical measurements).
   *[[http://​www.pitt.edu/​~astar/​|Star]],​ Alex, University of Pittsburg, Biosensing   *[[http://​www.pitt.edu/​~astar/​|Star]],​ Alex, University of Pittsburg, Biosensing
 +  *Zhong, Zhaohui, U Michigan (suspended CNT pn junctions)

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