Oxygen plasma cleaning

O2 Plasma in Owen Hall Clean Room

Matt is qualified to use this O2 plasma machine. It etch S1813 Photoresist at approximately 100 nm/s. A typical recipe for ashing (cleaning off photoresist residue after development) is 30 seconds.

Commercially available O2 plasma system

Xinjian requested a quote from Harrick Plasma a few months back, the same company used in McEuen lab. This is the one in Paul's lab.


It's powerful enough the kill nanotubes devices in ONE second. By kill, I mean making NTs no longer conductive. Their 'dead' body may still be on the surface with such a short etching. A longer one may remove everything.

Email from Harrick

In terms of our plasma cleaners, the principal distinction between our basic ($3400) and expanded model ($7000) is that the expanded model has 4.0x the volume, 1.67x the applied power, a hinged door and fan cooling, yielding greater device flexibility, range, ease of use and robustness of design. Optional accessories include both our PlasmaFlo, which enables process gas mixing, precise regulation of gas flow input and monitoring of chamber pressure, as well as our quartz sample trays, which are useful for batch processing of multiple samples.

With regard to your plasma application: many of our customers use our plasma cleaners for pre-bonding plasma treatment of PDMS and glass surface in microfluidics applications. For published papers citing the use of our products on PDMS and glass, specifically for use in microfluidics devices, please see our web site: http://www.harrickplasma.com/articles/category-72/

Please note that if oxygen process gas is used, this in turn necessitates the use of a suitable “oxygen service pump” to avoid the hazardous combination of highly concentrated oxygen and hydrocarbon pump oil. We distribute as special items both Fomblin-based and dry pumps suitable for oxygen service. Let me just give you informal pricing for these items now, and I can fold whatever you would like into a formal quote when appropriate:

  • Special Item: Oxygen Service Pump (Fomblin-Based), including oil-mist filter, adaptor, centering ring, connectors and hose, 115V. (not including Fomblin Fluid) $3,100.00
  • Special Item: Fomblin Fluid for Pump, 1kg (0.532L, sufficient for filling pump; change every 3,000-5,000 service hours) $230.00
  • Special Item: Oxygen Service Pump (Dry Pump), including adaptor, centering ring, connectors and hose, 115V. (no fluid required) $4,100.00

If you require any additional information or would like to receive a formal quote for any of our plasma cleaners or accessories, please contact Peter Samsel at psamsel@harrickplasma.com.

Best regards, Connie

Connie Lew, Ph.D. Staff Scientist Harrick Plasma, Inc. 120 Brindley St. Ithaca, NY 14850 USA (800) 640-6380 x225 (607) 272-5070 x225 clew@harrickplasma.com www.harrickplasma.com

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