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 +====== PhD Oral Exam ======
 +The candidate should demonstrate his/her ability to hold a productive and informative one-on-one physics discussion in various settings:
 +  * an undergraduate student seeks out the candidate. The undergrad student needs help understanding a general physics idea.
 +  * a well-educated scientist or engineer (not a physicist) wants to know why the candidate is pursuing the general research direction (for example, materials physics) and how/why the candidate has chosen specific research questions.
 +  * a professor from another university meets the candidate at a conference. The two people have an informal meeting that goes deep into the candidate’s research topic. The discussion includes quantitive estimates performed in real-time using a white board. The discussion might start with the professor asking basic questions to gently verify the candidate’s credibility.
 +All three scenarios will be tested during the oral exam. The candidate is expected to anticipate and plan ahead for many of the possible questions. Therefore, the candidate has significant opportunity to rehearse answers before the exam.

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