Purchasing supplies

Companies we have ordered from

  • Amazon.com - Ampad 22157 Computation Notebook (lab notebooks)
  • Aventools - Tweezers (Anti-acid, Anti-magnetic: $23)
  • Atomate – CVD furnace equipment
  • Benchmark Technologies - High resolution chrome masks for photolith (~$800 per mask)
  • Bioanalystical systems - Reference electrodes for electrochemistry.
  • Budget Sensors - Good choice of AFM tips for tapping mode imaging or EFM.
  • Bulbs Direct - replacement bulb for AFM light source
  • CAD/Art Services - Laser printed (10,000-20,000 dpi) photolithography masks. Perfect for 10-20 micron min. feature size. ~ $60 per mask. Located in Bandon, OR. Used by Remcho Lab (Chemistry, OSU) and Cobden Lab (Physics, U. Washington).
  • Cascade microtech - Tungsten needles for our probe station: pdf
  • Cheap Tubes Inc. - A zip lock bag (1g) of 90% pure SWNTs for $100.
  • Carbon nanotechnologies - The company started by Richard Smalley, the first company to sell nanotubes. Specialty products like double walled nanotubes, $500 per gram.
  • Chem Stores - Chemicals eg. Acetone, Ethanol, IPA. Dry goods eg. glass vials, beakers. Located on ground floor of the Chemistry building. Closed for lunch. See further instructions below.
  • Entegris - Wafer handling products
  • Fisher Scientific - miscellaneous lab supplies
  • Hoffman Materials ST cut quartz wafers for aligned growth.
  • Ideal Vacuum Vacuum pumps, refurbishing vacuum pumps (for vacuum pipes and fittings see NorCal).
  • Industrial Gas and Welding, Corvallis - 752-8686 - Grade 5 Argon $75.46 per cylinder, Grade 5 Hydrogen $93.22 per cylinder, Standard grade Helium $57.00 per cylinder, Nitrogen, Methane. Ask Ethan for our customer number and index number.
  • Invitrogen - dna oligos, fluorescent labels, pyrene NHS ester etc.
  • King Machine - Local Corvallis machine shop. They make our microfluidic flow cells. Blake and Doug know our group.
  • Kurt Lesker Comapany High purity metals for electrode fabrication.
  • Laysan Bio - PEG products.
  • Laurell - Spin coaters, WS-650-23B.
  • MacMaster Carr - Sheet metal and other construction materials
  • Mark Optics - fused silica wafers
  • Microchem - (formally known as Shipley), Photoresist and Developer.
  • MSC Industrial - Drill bits etc. Recommended by King Machine.
  • Newport - electronics supplies (eg. BNC cables and connectors)
  • NorCal - best prices for custom vacuum pipes, fittings and chambers.
  • Nova Electronics - an alternative source of oxidized silicon wafers (currently we use Silicon Quest).
  • Photosciences - Best price for custom patterned chrome mask for photolithography ~ $500.
  • OSU Bookstore. refilled printer catridges. To make purchases at the OSU bookstore, get an account index from Ethan and take your OSU id card.
  • Quater Research - Micromanipulators
  • Quorpak - plastic products e.g. the plastic waste containers (carboys), plastic gloves (powder-free nitrile)…
  • R.D. Mathis - Evaporation Boats
  • Spectrum - Chip carriers and sockets.
  • Sigma-Aldrich - Chemical and biomolecule suppliers
  • Strem Chemicals - Molybdenum catalyst
  • Swagelok – Gas flow handling
  • TCI America - Chemical reagents like surfactants and solvents. Fast delivery (1 or 2 days).
  • Ted Pella - microscopy related lab supplies (eg. silver paint, diamond scribes, graphite & mica substrates)
  • Towne Technologies - Chemical etching of metal shadow masks.
  • unidym - CNT ink and transparent thin films
  • Upchurch Scientific - microfluidics, tubing, microfluidic connectors, selector valves
  • VWR - miscellaneous lab supplies
  • Quartz Scientific - Wholesale quartz tubing. Cutting out the middleman, as it were.

Choosing a supplier for Si/SiO2 wafers

Second hand equipment websites

Local reps for companies

Making an order: Items under $5000

  1. Find what you want. If you are not sure what equals a good price, get 3 different quotes. Some companies have price lists on the web, other companies you will have to phone or email to get a quote.
  2. Ask the company if you can pay by purchase order (PO).

If the company accepts a PO number as payment:

  1. Get a PO form (three pages, white, yellow and pink) from Verna's office. Pick up a copy of Verna's instructions and read them.
  2. Add the two digit prefix in front of the PO number. For example, between July 15 2010 and July 14 2011 the prefix is 11. The prefix tells us what fiscal year the PO order was made.
  3. Fill out Vendor, telephone # (Vendor's #), Fax No. (Vendor's Fax), Ordered By (that's you), phone (that's your #), email (That's your e-mail), and date.
  4. You must search for the Catalog No. for the device you are purchasing, give a brief description, quantity, and unit price.
  5. Go talk to Ethan for confirmation on order, Index No., and P.I. Approval. Ethan keeps the pink page from the PO.
  6. Call a sales representative and make your order. Tell them the PO # (upper right corner of PO form) and what you are purchasing.
  7. Take your white and yellow PO pages to 301 Weniger Hall and put it in the appropriate tray (ask Janice or a grad student).
  8. When the order arrives, check that nothing is damaged or defective.
  9. Find the packing slip and write on the packing slip “Minot group, date received: xx-xx-xx”. Immediately take the packing slip to 301 Weniger and put it in the appropriate tray.
  10. If it is a new chemical, the MSDS folder and lab inventory must be updated. Login and password info is on the group T: drive.

If the company only accepts credit card orders (1 out of 20?):

  1. Make a pdf copy of your shopping cart and email it to Janice(or visit her in 301 Weniger).
  2. Janice will use the department credit card.

Orders $5,000 - $25,000

More expensive items get special treatment. Verna (the department accountant) will do most of the paperwork. The standard rules about getting 3 quotes are listed on the website of the procurement office.

Orders above $25,000

Big ticket items get special treatment from the procurement office. There are auditing requirements that must be fulfilled to prove that the purchase was done responsibly.


Chem Stores

Chemicals & Dry goods. The easiest way to get a box of acetone bottles (spectroscopy grade), or small glass vial for mixing catalyst, or other miscellaneous chemical supplies is the chemistry store room. The store room is located behind the chemistry loading dock (directly across the parking lot from the Weniger Hall loading dock). Ask a lab mate for our group purchasing code. Remember: print out a receipt and give it to Verna.


There is one brand of Alumina that everyone agrees is best: AEROXIDE® Alu C made by Degussa. Degussa sells this product to industrial customer in 10 kg (huge volume) quantities. They will not sell small quantities. Instead you need to get a free sample.

“For academic groups, we request an e-mail from the supervising faculty member stating the purpose of the study and how the results will be shared with Degussa Corporation.” - cynthia.llames@degussa.com

“We have bags of 10 kilos (22# approx) in stock. 22# @ $13.532 per lb. I can send a quart sample… will that work?” - carolynsperka@thecarycompany.com

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