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 +====== Research Rotations ======
 +==Finding a research group==
 +Incoming PhD students are encouraged to do research rotations in one or more research groups during their first year. A research rotation lasts for one quarter (sometimes longer). The goals of a research rotation are (i) The new PhD student becomes familiar with the day-to-day details of the research, (ii) The new PhD student learns about the culture and expectations of the research group, (iii) Current members of the research group get to know the new PhD student. Every research rotation experience is different, depending on the research field, the professor'​s preferences and the availability of research projects. At the conclusion of a research rotation, the PhD student can decide to (i) request the professor become their PhD advisor (ii) postpone the decision about joining the research group and pursue a different research rotation. The professor has the final decision for accepting/​declining a student who wants to join his/her research group. ​

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