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 +====== Check list for wet chemical safety test ======
 +  * The user is familiar with the MSDS of the chemicals you will be used.
 +  * The user signs up on the acid hood clip board.
 +  * All beakers are labelled with date/​username/​chemical before any chemical (or water) is poured into the beaker.
 +  * Each beaker has a watch glass which sits on top. (The watch glass stops evaporation and/or cross contamination).
 +  * All glassware, cloth, tweezers, samples, etc. are placed in the fumehood before the user puts on the apron, mask and acid gloves.
 +  * Acid gloves are put on and taken off correctly (the inside of the glove is kept uncontaminated,​ the outside of the glove is treated as contaminated).
 +  * Before pouring a chemical, the user has checked that they will be able to dispose the chemical (either in an non-full waste bottle or by neutralizing).
 +  * The user takes off the acid gloves, mask and apron and acid gloves in the correct order. (Never leave the fume hood while still wearing the acid gloves, mask and apron)
 +  * The fume hood is left as tidy as it was found (or better).
 +  * Dirty dishes are taken to the sink and washed/​dried appropriately.

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