Setting up a wiki

At the bottom of this page are links to Monobook and Dokuwiki. Monobook is the code that makes everything look pretty, Dokuwiki is the underlying code that drives the wiki. Using the respective links, you will find all the downloads you need together with installation instructions. The basic idea:

  • put the wiki folder from Dokuwiki into your public_html folder (drag and drop using the mac is fine)
  • put the Monobook folder in the correct location of the wiki folder
  • change the security settings of the wiki folder to allow public access (read and write).
  • run install.php from your browser (gives the wiki a name, sets the administrator, make the wiki publicly viewable but not publicly edited, makes sure media gets saved to the right place etc.)
  • open your wiki home page from a browser and set preferences (eg. choose the monobook template, disable open registration, turn off “Compact CSS and Javascript files”).
  • start creating pages.


Upgrading is easy. Download all the folders/files for the upgraded wiki. If you are using a windows pc, drag theses into the existing wiki folder that is in public_html. This will replace all out-of-date files with the newer files of the same name. This will not overwrite any content (unless you made your own logo.png for the top left corner) because content files are not present in a downloaded wiki package.

If you are using a mac, the drag-and-drop default will overwrite entire folders. Not good! I transfer the upgraded wiki folder to a directory on the server and then use the unix command “cp -r” to put the upgraded files in the right place.

Dokuwiki checks whether updates are available, as described here:

How to

  • Change the navigation box: Go to “site index” (link at the bottom of the left hand menu). Expand the group of pages called “wiki”. Choose “site navigation”.
  • Change the top left corner image: go to public_html\wiki\lib\tpl\monobook\user\logo.png, this image name and location is referenced in the code. (More recent version of the wiki use the location lib\tpl\monobook\static\3rd\dokuwiki)
  • Enable uploading new file types Find the file wiki\conf\mime.conf, open with a text editor and add to the list of file extensions.

Technical issues

The wiki stopped working once (the navigation menu wouldn't show up and images would not display). There was a problem with files being cached on the server. At OSU, user directories are stored on NFS volumes on the main login server, and mounted to the web server(s). If a network problem occurs, the file cache can be damaged, and cause odd behaviors. The cache was cleared the problem was resolved.

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