Suppliers of Si/SiO2 wafers

  • Nova Electronic Materials (Mitch used recently, 2019)
  • University Wafers (Apr 2012, Collins group used in the past) (Remcho group uses)
  • Wafernet (Raj Solanki suggested as a source for silicon wafers)
  • Silicon Quest International (Apr 2012, Collins group using without any problems) (2009, Our group had trouble with 1 nm deep divets in one batch)
  • Silicon Valley Microelectronics (Apr 2012, Johnson group used “they're okay, at least if they send a bad batch of wafers they'll replace it without much hassle”)
  • WRS Materials (Apr 2012, Johnson group “they've been pretty good”)

Wafer specs

If planning low temperature experiments, ask for p++ wafer with resistivity in the range of 5-20 mOhm-cm. With this level of doping, the global gate will continue to conduct well at liquid helium temperatures.

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