Travel reimbursement for visitors

Air travel: If your flights are paid for by OSU Physics, you have 2 choices

  1. Get your ticket through a university travel agent, Teel Travel. The ticket is paid for directly by the department.
  2. Buy your own ticket. You must provide evidence that the fare is comparable to what Teel travel offered you. If your trip is cancelled you will not get reimbursement.

Option 1 is favorable. You don't go out of pocket, you don't have to fill out any forms and wait for 2 months. Teel travel are helpful and flexible. If you are traveling with family, Teel can split the cost between OSU Physics and your own credit card. When using Teel travel, I have found their prices to be the same as Often I will check schedules on orbitz before phoning/emailing Teel.

Rental car Using Enterprise, Corvallis office, you should be able to book a rental car without paying out of pocket - the Physics department will get the bill directly. Driving Portland to Corvallis in a rental car cost about the same as the shuttle.

Airport shuttle The Shuttle runs from PDX to Corvallis. One-way trip costs $48. There is a shuttle departing every 1hr 30min. The shuttle takes 2hr 30min (straight driving takes 1hr 45min).

Personal car: Mileage rate is $0.485 per mile (this includes fuel). You can find approximate mileage using google maps or a similar map program.

Reimbursement check: To receive a reimbursement check from the university you must fill out the vendor maintenance form. Fill in the following information (leave the rest of the form blank, our administrator will fill in the blanks):

  • vendor name (your name)
  • vendor payment address (including phone and email)
  • social security number (you may want to avoid faxing or emailing the SSN)


The Physics department has used many of the local hotels. If your trip is paid for by OSU Physics, the secretary will make a hotel booking for you so you don't have to pay up front.

  • The Harrison House Bed and Breakfast is very comfortable and close to campus (5 minute walk), about $110 per night.
  • The Hilton Gardens and Holiday Inn Express get good reviews. They cost about $90 per night. Hilton Gardens is closer to campus (10 minute walk) and is served by the Airport Shuttle company (Hut Shuttle).
  • The Super 8 and Best Western cost about $60 per night. The Super 8 has a nice location on the river front, convenient to downtown and 15 minute walk to OSU campus. The Best Western is in a residential area, 25 minute walk to OSU campus.

Note: Rates on this page were last updated on 08-22-2007.

Meal reimbursement for OSU hosts

When we take a visitor to breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food and drinks can be paid for by research funds or department funds. However, the state of Oregon keeps a close watch on what we buy (and what we eat!), you have to follow these rules:

  • Get an itemized receipt which says which dishes and drinks you ordered.
  • Don't expect to get reimbursed for beer/wine etc.
  • Take your receipt to Verna.

Open house lab tours

We typically set up 3 stations: Growth, AFM characterization, electrical characterization. I like to give an overview to give people some context, and then let people choose a station to visit for more details. Five or ten minutes at a station is only enough time to show one cool thing. Try not to monopolize the talking. Show your cool thing (1 minute?) and then the visitors will (hopefully) start spouting questions. Make sure to have the props you need to answer the anticipated questions. Getting people excited enough to ask questions is the goal.

About OSU

In 2009 OSU had 21,969 students (3,902 of these students are in the graduate program). OSU Research funds from external sources totaled $231 million in FY08.

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