Selected groups working in:

Organic Electronics

Bernard Kippelen group at Georgia Tech (
George Malliaras group at Cornell (
David Martin group at U Michigan (
Daniel Frisbie group at U Minnesota (
Kenneth Singer group at Case Western (
Michael Gershenson group at Rutgers (
Stephen Forrest group at Princeton (
Center for Polymers and Organic Solids at UCSB (
Larry Dalton group at U of Washington (
Various groups at Interuniversity Microelectronics Center in Europe (
Experimental Solid State Physics group at Imperial College (

Ultrafast spectroscopy of organic materials

Frank Hegmann group at U of Alberta (
Valy Vardeny group at U of Utah (
Ted Goodson III group at U Michigan (
Toni Heinz group at Columbia (
Ahmed Zewail group at Cal Tech (

Single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy

W.E. Moerner group at Stanford (
Paul Barbara group at U Texas at Austin (
A site from Shimon Weiss at UCLA with links to a number of groups working in the field of single-molecule spectroscopy as well as to nanoscience-related sites (