• Kathleen L. Prudic, Ph.D.
  • Research Scientist
  • prudick@science.oregonstate.edu
  • Department of Integrative Biology
  • Oregon State University
  • Corvallis, OR 97331


citizen science project


My research focuses on the ecology and evolution of form and function.

I study how changing environmental and developmental conditions influence interactions at both ecological and evolutionary timescales. I am a chemical and behavioral ecologist by training and am generally interested in the connection between ecological interactions and evolutionary result.

I use a combination of analytical chemistry, bioinformatics, citizen science databases, field studies, and laboratory experiments to determine how interactions within and between species affect evolutionary and ecological dynamics across space and time.

I have applied this general conceptual approach to a wide variety of topics including adaptation, aposematic coloration, co-evolution, mating systems, mimicry, plant-insect interactions, and seasonal plasticity.