Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) is a competitive program that supports undergraduate College of Science students who wish to pursue research during the summer. We welcome undergraduate students to pursue scientific inquiry and engage in research firsthand during the summer months. Students learn by doing, making it easier to understand the underlying rationale behind the research.

You can take advantage of hundreds of opportunities that offer numerous benefits:

  • Taking an active role in research
  • Build connections by working alongside extraordinary scientists and researchers
  • Experience a compelling and life-changing learning experience
  • Gain critical insight into the creation of knowledge that is often not part of classroom learning
  • Apply classroom learning in a hands-on, practical way
  • Develop a mentoring relationship with faculty to help define and support your future career


We welcome full-time undergraduate students, who are pursuing a baccalaureate degree whose major is in the College of Science, and who are in good academic standing to apply. Unfortunately, students graduating in June are not eligible to participate in the SURE program. Additionally, students who have received SURE funding in previous years, are not eligible to receive it again.

Students may work with any professor at OSU as their Faculty Project Mentor. They do not need to be in the College of Science.

 Application Steps:
  1. Attend the SURE Science Information Session.
  2. Students find a faculty mentor that their interested in working with this summer on a project related to the faculty's research.
  3. Students will discuss the summer research project with their potential mentor and develop a project outline.
  4. Students must complete the 3 essay questions on the SURE Essay Form.
  5. Faculty mentors must complete the SURE Faculty Mentor Form.
  6. Complete the online application. You will upload PDF files of both the SURE Essay Form and the SURE Faculty Mentor Form on the application. 
  7. Deadline for completed application: April 5, 2019, by 5:00 p.m.

Award Information

Recipients of the SURE Science award will be paid for 11-weeks of full-time research during Summer 2019, at $11.50/hr (maximum of 440 hours). The maximum award is $5,060 (before taxes). Awardees also receive an additional $500 for research expenses that support their project.

You can use the award funds to support your scholarly research activities including

  • Consumable materials for project
  • Travel to conduct research, visit libraries/archives, or present their research
  • Library costs (e.g. duplication costs)
  • Equipment rental, software


Students work with their faculty mentors to determine their summer research schedule. 

Review Procedure

College of Science research faculty and staff carefully review all proposals for eligibility and merit. We prioritize list of applicants to fund based on the quality of proposals as reflected in the review criteria below. Award decisions are based on available funds. Preferences may be given to undergraduate students who are having their first research experience.

Applicants will be notified of award decisions via email. 

Review Criteria

Proposals that describe the research project to this general audience, provide clear explanations of the approach and significance of the proposed work, and avoid using jargon or unexplained acronyms will fare better than those written from a highly focused, scientific discipline perspective. While the proposal will be conceived of with the research faculty the student intends to work with, it must be written entirely by the student.

Proposals are evaluated using the following criteria:

Scholarly Merit

  • Is the proposal well written and scientifically sound?
  • Does the proposal include an overall project hypothesis statement or objective?
  • Is the significance and approach adequately described?
  • Does the proposal clearly state the student's role?

Student Impact

  • Will this research experience help the student accomplish his/her educational or professional goals?
  • Has the student demonstrated the resilience and dedication required to be successful in research?
  • Does the student have financial needs, which this award will lower barriers to engagement in research?

Other Requirements

If any SURE Science research appears in any publication, students are required to cite that the work was supported with SURE Science funds.

Attendance to professional development workshops (3 during the summer) are required.

Students will also be required to write a thank you letter to the donors who provide funding for the College of Science’s SURE Science program. Details on this process and deadlines will be communicated to successful applicants.

Award recipients/students are required to present a poster at ­­­­a poster event near the beginning of the Fall 2019 term.

Special Opportunity for Integrative Biology Students Doing Field Research

The Alexei Lubchenco Menge Fellowship is a special funding opportunity for OSU Biology and Zoology majors engaging in summer field research in ecology under the guidance of an Integrative Biology faculty member.  This fellowship was founded in memory of Alexei Lubchenco Menge thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and Alexei’s friends and family.  The goal of the fellowship is to facilitate a transformative learning experience for an emerging scientist and advance OSU research.

Alexei Lubchenco Menge Biography

Alexei was the older son of Bruce A. Menge and Jane Lubchenco, both of whom are marine ecologists and environmental scientists in the Department of Integrative Biology (formerly Zoology) at OSU.  Alexei was born in 1978 and died in 2005 at age 27. Introduced to the ocean as an infant, he loved anything to do with water, scuba diving, and assisting with marine research. He assisted researchers around the world, including the Bahamas, Mexico, Oregon, New Zealand, Arizona, and elsewhere. Alexei was a gifted athlete and excelled at baseball (catcher), soccer (goalie), snowboarding and virtually any sport he attempted. He was also a talented artist who expressed his creative side through drawing, pottery, and poetry.  Alexei was intelligent and charismatic, and a natural leader.


The College of Science SURE application also serves as the application for this award.  If you are a Biology or Zoology major engaging in field-based research, you may select the box for the Alexei Lubchenco Menge Fellowship.  To be eligible for the Alexei Lubchenco Menge Fellowship, you will need to include your unofficial transcript and a letter of support from your faculty research mentor with the SURE application. The letter should be emailed by your faculty member to by the application deadline.  If you are not selected for this Fellowship, your application will still be reviewed and eligible for funding through the SURE program.