The F&A rate change for FY19-FY22 is stepped annually. This means that as you prepare your proposed budgets, you need to incrementally step the rates annually. For current proposals, OSRAA will continue to submit proposals so that we don’t miss any deadlines. But, we may need to rebudget out of awarded dollars to pay for the increase in indirect costs so the quicker we make this change in proposal budgets the better. See OSRAA's responses to some of the questions below. 

So, what does this mean for your proposals and grants?

If we look at our most used rate, the F&A Rate Agreement includes a 47% rate for FY19, 47.5% for FY20, and 48.5% for FY21-22.  The dates of your proposal budget years do not need to match the OSU fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Stepped rates are typically applied one per budget year, so that the rate in effect at the start date of the first budget period is the rate for Budget Year 1. The next budget year will use the rate in effect at the start date of Budget Year 2.

What F&A rate do I use now? 

It depends on the start date of the award.  Per the UG, OSRAA contract officers “must use the negotiated rates in effect at the time of the initial award” for the award budget.  Our goal is the proposal budget matches the award budget to limit rebudget requests.  If the project anticipated start date/award date is after July 1, 2019, then the higher rate (47.5%) should be used.  If it is a quick turnaround proposal, a proposal for an award that has already been made, or a continuation proposal then the current rate (47%) should be used.

Do we need to change budgets on existing awards? 

No, thankfully the predetermined rates for 7/1/2018 – 6/30/2019 match our provisional rates (47%) for almost all F&A categories (industry and ship-ops rates changed, we will not modify existing industry awards and ship-ops is under further review). 

Do I need to step-up rates in future proposal budget years (i.e. use 47.5% in BY1 and 48.5% in BY2)?

Yes. Unless your solicitation instructs otherwise, we will need to include the multiple stepped rates. 

Are there any changes in the definitions (e.g. “off campus”, “other sponsored activities”, “equipment”, etc.)? 

The only material change is the elimination of the NOAA building in Newport as an on-campus location. It will be treated like any other federal building.  We are working with CEOAS on the implementation of that change.



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