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What SP3 Is

The Science Professional Pursuits Program (SP3) is a three term (3-credit) professional development program which provides College of Science undergraduates the tools and guidance necessary to identify, assess and compete for experiences beyond the classroom that accelerate their professional and academic goals.

What Makes SP3 Special

SP3 is a dynamic, community-centered learning environment that blends online content, in-person workshops, events, and 1-on-1 coaching. Improve your professional and communication skills through group exercises, personalized coaching, mock interviews, and interactive learning. SP3 instructors and coaches bring their STEM-focused expertise spanning the industrial, academic research, healthcare, and non-profit environments to help you develop your career marketing package.    

Who SP3 is for

SP3 is open to all College of Science undergraduates in good academic standing with sophomore or higher standing. Most useful when completed sophomore or junior year, the program can also be beneficial to students looking for next steps post-graduation.  Students not in good academic standing may still register, but must have a letter of support from their academic advisor. 

Testimonials: What Students Say About SP3

"SPhas completely changed the way I think about myself as a professional."
"I now know there are many more jobs available to me than just hard research."
"SPis a great way to develop professional abilities that traditional academia often overlooks and prepares you for both industrial and research-based opportunities."
"I was encouraged to go out and start applying for things, and I have a job because of it."
"SPis a goldmine of knowledge. We are a step above everyone else our age at this campus, because we know how to effectively employ our skills."

 What You Will Gain

  • A professional network
  • Interviewing agility
  • A personalized career development plan
  • Communication skills
  • Job searching savvy
  • High-impact resume and cover letter
  • A unique competitive edge 


We meet 5 times each term on Tuesday evenings of odd weeks from 6-8 pm. In addition to class time, you will attend professional events, meet with your SPcoaches, and work with peers on refining your skills. Students must complete all three terms of the program to maintain access to all SP3 resources, contacts, and events. 

  • Register through the link below to reserve your spot in the first Fall workshop.  Space is limited.  
  • Participation in fall workshops is required for enrollment in winter and spring courses.  If you miss a Fall workshop, contact Chelsea Wolk at to find out how to make up with missed content.  
  • Student must complete all 3 terms of the program to maintain access to all SP3 resources, contacts, and events. 

How to join the 2018-2019 Cohort

  • Attend the information session on May 2nd.
  • Register to join the cohort through the link below.
  • Register for GS 399 (CRN 19539) in Fall Term


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For more information contact Chelsea Wolk at