Goals and purpose

The College of Science Student Travel Fund awards funds to students in the College to encourage and support students to attend professional meetings to present research results or to conduct research at remote sites. These awards are given annually; a 1:1 departmental match is required. Please note that due to a high volume of requests and limited funds we cannot approve every application.

Individual awards

Average $200-500

Group awards

Average $500-1500 and do not exceed $3000.  

  • Will not exceed one-third of travel costs, which include transportation, lodging, conference registration, etc.
  • May only be used explicitly for student travel to a conference for the purpose of conducting research in the field or for making a presentation, preferably an oral presentation.

Selection Criteria

Merit. Proposals will be judged primarily on the basis of scientific merit and potential impact. Reviewers also will take into consideration the prestige of the conference, and the potential for broad, positive impact on the research enterprise of the College of Science and the University. Beginning March 15, 2016 the College will be accepting applications for international travel only. Higher priority will be given to students working with junior faculty.

Topic. Preference will be given to applications showing a connection to disease mechanism and prevention

Need. This award is intended to provide funding that would not normally be available from other sources.

Application. In addition to the form below, applicants must include:

  • A one-page biographical sketch in the National Science Foundation format (right click and save-as to download the template)
  • An uploadable (docx, pdf) advisor endorsement of this trip which includes an index number for matching funds


Proposals will be evaluated by an ad hoc Student Travel Fund Review Panel.


The Office of the Dean requires that students who receive a travel award write

  • A thank you note to donors at the time of award and
  • A brief report on project accomplishments.

The Dean's office will determine the date for these materials once the funds are awarded.


For travel between

March 1 and July 31
-- Submit by February 1

July 31 and October 31
-- Submit by May 2

October 31 and January 31
-- Submit by August 1

January 31 and April 30
-- Submit by November 2 

Note: Applications may be submitted after these deadlines, but we cannot guarantee they will be reviewed in time for your travel. 

Need help?

Please send any questions to gabrielle.james@oregonstate.edu.