Dr. John Schlueter,  NSF Program Director for "Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future" program (DMREF) will give a seminar and hold a Q&A on the program. Please contact Mas Subramanian for more information. 

Abstract: The Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) is a multi-agency partnership that seeks to accelerate the pace of materials development across the Materials Development Continuum. Through use of a computationally-led and data-driven approach, MGI promotes the rapid discovery and deployment of advanced materials that will ensure sustained American leadership in sectors including clean energy, human welfare, and national security. The goals of the MGI include 1) leading a culture shift in materials research through use of an iterative feedback-loop approach, 2) integrating experiment, computation, and theory throughout the materials research community, 3) making digital data accessible and useful to the larger community, and 4) creating a world-class materials science and engineering workforce. The Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF) program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) partners with a number of other federal funding agencies to promote these objectives. DMREF includes participation from ten divisions in three directorates at the NSF to address fundamental materials discovery and development. This program currently funds about one hundred projects that cover the full spectrum of materials research. Future priorities and funding opportunities for the DMREF program will be discussed.

July 11, 2018
1:00 - 2:00 PM
Gilbert 324