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National Science Foundation

NSF invites proposals for projects designed to encourage and prepare U.S. students to pursue and succeed in graduate doctoral study in the mathematical sciences generally, with a particular emphasis on broadening participation among students from underrepresented populations, including racial/ethnic groups underrepresented in mathematics and statistics, individuals with disabilities, and women. While proposed projects need not focus solely on members of underrepresented groups, they should utilize evidence-based techniques known to be effective for students from these groups.

Proposals submitted in response to this Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) should describe projects that are scalable to serve large numbers of students without large increases in cost and sustainable, that is, have continued impact without on-going large influxes of grant funding.

Projects that develop partnerships among faculty, departments, and graduate schools, as well as those that leverage technology are expected. To achieve the dual aims of (1) scalability and (2) sustainability, it is envisioned that most proposed strategies will also: (3) reach students predominantly at their home institutions, with limited student travel required, and (4) have the potential to create systemic change regarding how students are prepared for success in graduate school, particularly doctoral programs. All projects should contain a rigorous evaluation plan that includes assessment of impact on students and the institution. 

To align with the NSF research mission, proposals should involve mathematical sciences research as part of student training, and/or educational research that produces new knowledge to help the community understand for whom and under what circumstances proposed activities are effective in preparing a diverse population of students to be successful in graduate school.

For more information on components that NSF is seeking can be found in the Dear Colleague Letter, NSF 17-078.

December 6, 2017
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