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National Science Foundation

Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes are national resources that aim to advance research in the mathematical sciences through programs supporting discovery and dissemination of knowledge in mathematics and statistics and enhancing connections to related fields in which the mathematical sciences can play important roles. Institute activities help focus the attention of some of the best mathematical minds on problems of particular importance and timeliness. Institutes are also community resources that involve a broad segment of U.S.-based mathematical sciences researchers in their activities. The goals of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes program include advancing research in the mathematical sciences, increasing the impact of the mathematical sciences in other disciplines, and expanding the talent base engaged in mathematical research in the United States.

Letters of Intent are required. 
Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes are large-scale projects that collectively have several important impacts: 
  • Institutes advance research in the mathematical sciences, encourage research that is timely and potentially transformative, and assist rapid and broad dissemination of new ideas; 
  • Institutes focus effort and excellence in the mathematical sciences, operating on a national scale to reach across the mathematical disciplines, to explore emerging frontiers of those disciplines, and to engage with scientific opportunities in other fields; 
  • Institutes provide intellectual infrastructure for research collaborations within the mathematical sciences and at the interface of the mathematical sciences and other disciplines; 
  • Institutes increase the impact of the mathematical sciences in other disciplines by sponsoring interdisciplinary activities and enhancing synergistic approaches to significant scientific problems; 
  • Institutes provide opportunities for students and postdoctoral fellows to interact with leading researchers; 
  • Institutes support the exchange of information with business, industry, government, and national laboratories, providing access to expertise in the mathematical sciences; 
  • Institutes demonstrate leadership in promoting diversity in the mathematical sciences enterprise; 
  • Institutes provide opportunities for outreach to the scientific community and the public at large; 
  • Institutes play an important role in fostering international collaborations.

The mathematical sciences have gone through a period of spectacular growth and excitement. New ideas have been developed within the discipline and some significant long-standing open problems have been solved. At the same time, the mathematical sciences have been embraced as an enabling technology in many areas of application, from the physical sciences and engineering to the life sciences and finance. The Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes have played an important role in these developments, and this role is expected to grow.

The Division of Mathematical Sciences invites proposals for projects that contribute to this important, influential activity. This competition welcomes new projects from U.S. sites as well as renewal proposals from any of the U.S.-based institutes that have had previous funding from NSF. The Division of Mathematical Sciences intends that awards resulting from this competition will be five-year continuing grants and that renewal proposals following those awards may be submitted to the next competition in this series, circa FY 2024.

December 14, 2018
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