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U.S. Department of Agriculture (NIFA)

The Agriculture Systems and Technology (AST) program area emphasizes the interrelationships between agricultural systems components to develop the next generation of engineered systems, products, processes, and technologies. AST blends biological, physical, and social sciences, thus, leading to sustainable, competitive, and innovative solutions for United States and global agriculture and food systems, encompassing both conventional and organic production. To the extent possible, applicants are encouraged to incorporate interdisciplinary sciences. By doing so, projects are more likely to incorporate varying dimensions of sustainability (economic, environmental, and social) and have a greater impact on agricultural problems. The broad list of topics encompassed by this program area includes, but is not limited to, new uses and products from traditional and nontraditional crops, animals, mixed animal and plant production systems, byproducts, and natural resources; robotics, automation, precision and geospatial technologies, energy efficiency, computing, and expert systems; new hazard and risk assessment and mitigation measures; and water quality, irrigation, and management.

March 18, 2020
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