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Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) supports a wide range of mentoring initiatives aimed at preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency. Under this solicitation, the successful applicant will develop the OJJDP National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC), which will provide comprehensive mentoring resource, reference, and training materials and advance the implementation of evidence- and research-based mentoring practices. NMRC's goal is to enhance the capacity of mentoring organizations to develop, implement, and expand effective mentoring practices.

Program Specific Information

In 2013, OJJDP first awarded a grant to develop the National Mentoring Resource Center to support the continued advancement of high-quality mentoring practices for at-risk youth across the country. OJJDP has been a national leader in the field of youth mentoring since the establishment of the Juvenile Mentoring Program in 1996. Since then, OJJDP has supported an extensive portfolio of mentoring programs for national, multistate, and local organizations that have served and continue to serve a diverse population of at-risk, high-risk, and underserved youth across the country. OJJDP has also advanced what is known about mentoring and the factors of program effectiveness through research and demonstration programs.

OJJDP supports mentoring approaches that are primarily targeted to youth younger than 18 years old. The approaches have grown from one-to-one mentoring to include group and peer mentoring held in different settings (i.e., school based, community based, institutional based). With the continued enhancement and expansion of the National Mentoring Resource Center, OJJDP is building on its history and leadership in mentoring by providing a comprehensive and reliable resource for mentoring tools, program and training materials, and information. OJJDP expects that the resource center will collect OJJDP mentoring grantee materials; promote and catalog key mentoring training opportunities; identify evidence-based mentoring practices; facilitate collaboration among mentoring organizations and programs; and enhance the capacity of mentoring organizations to develop, implement, and expand effective mentoring practices.

With this FY 2019 funding, the resource center will build upon past efforts and continue to support mentoring services in innovative contexts and additional areas. OJJDP expects the mentoring center to develop training and technical assistance to improve the capacity of organizations and communities to develop and deliver mentoring programs for youth across a range of target populations, service sectors, and systems identified through OJJDP mentoring solicitations, including but not limited to youth affected by opioids.

One award will be made for $2 Million.

April 29, 2019
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