Funding agency: 
National Science Foundation

The third edition of NSF/DOE/AFOSR Quantum Summer School is now accepting applications! Deadline is January 31, 2019. The 2019 edition is organized by Penn State University, June 3 - 14, 2018. Please check the webpage for information about the School and for access to online application:

QS3 will support round-trip travel and attendance costs for graduate students and postdocs. This includes reimbursement for travel including  economy airfare, dormitory room, and meals.

The QS3 School is part of NSF’s “Quantum Leap” program. The 2019 edition will focus on “Fundamentals and Applications of Quantum Devices”, providing an excellent education and fun opportunity to graduate students and postdocs in the fields of chemistry, condensed matter physics, materials science, engineering, and other related fields.

The Summer School includes key current topics of interest in quantum science and their applications to new technologies in academic and industrial contexts. The goal is to provide interactive and convergent training to participants by top experts in the field in an intensive two-week format. School is sponsored jointly by NSF, DOE, and AFOSR, and managed by Joe Checkelsky (MIT), Natalia Drichko (JHU),  Liang Fu (MIT),  Kyle Shen (Cornell) and Jun Zhu (PSU). Limited number of openings is available, apply early!

January 31, 2019
Funding type: 
Graduate students