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Department of Defense

Did you know that STEM education opportunities at the U.S. Department of Defense are offered for postgraduates, postdoctoral fellows and university faculty to conduct hands-on research that supports the agency’s mission to protect and maintain the national security interests of the United States?

Candidates with a background in biology, chemistry, engineering, information science, health and human performance, materials science, physics, cybersecurity, or other related field are encouraged to pursue a DoD research experience that mutually supports the Department’s mission as well as the participant’s professional development.

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) connects the most talented and diverse students, recent graduates, faculty and educators to programs closely aligned with the interests of a variety of research facilities, including those managed for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and more than a dozen other federal agencies.

ORISE administers a broad range of internships, fellowships, and research experiences available primarily to those pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines, including undergraduate and graduate students, recent graduates, postdocs, and university faculty members. Programs are offered at DOE national laboratories and other federal agencies with research facilities located across the country as well as some locations outside the United States.
Most of the ORISE opportunities are twelve month research opportunities, with the possibility to be renewed for additional twelve month  research periods (5 years max).  U.S. Citizenship is required to participate at the DoD installations.
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Project Title & Project ID:
Chemical Eng. & Physical Science Research (BS&MS), APHC-1911526380
Molecular Biology Research (BS), APHC-1637893744
Analytical Chemistry (MS/PhD), APHC-1817392923
Chemistry/Physics Research (MS/PhD Candidates), APHC-1768507089
Molecular-Based Testing (BS or MS), APHC-1894785476
Data Analysis Research (MPH), APHC-1577623820
Public Health Data Research, APHC-1012174837
Chemistry Research (BS Candidates), APHC-1813938639
Lab Assistant Research (AA or BS Candidates), APHC-7074581681
Nanomaterial Research, USACE-EL-9004168835
Geochemistry (PhD) , USACE-EL-1829709278
Opportunity in Infectious Disease Research, MAMC-6702227045
Biomimetic Nanofibrous Scaffold Research (MS/PhD), N39467-027
Wound Infection Research (PhD),  N39467-047
Battlefield Health and Trauma Fellowship (PhD), N39467-034
Combat Casualty Care Postdoctoral Research, NAMRU-SA-1934167300
Concussion & Head Injury Research (BS - PhD), AARL-2029475795
Injury Biomechanics Researcher,  USAARL-5922256836
Defense Opportunity in Olfactory Science (MS -PhD),  ECBC-8778949652
Synthetic Biology Research (BS Candidates), ECBC-1534316068
Inhalation Toxicology Postdoctoral Research,  MRICD-5749861507
Neuroprotection Research (BS Candidates),  MRICD-5519479992
Medicinal Countermeasures Postdoctoral Research, MRICD-1440454992
Cyanide Countermeasures - Postdoctoral Research,  MRICD-1364081190
Cellular Responses to Toxic Chemicals (BS),   MRICD-9215848906
Chemical Threat Countermeasures (BS Candidates),  MRICD-2669633143
Chemical Threat Medical Countermeasures  (PHD),  MRICD-1898138247
Military Cognitive Performance Research,    USARIEM-3532383181
Program Analysis Research (BS/MS),  USARIEM-1857696418
Epidemiology-Population Health/Analysis (MPH/MS),  NMCPHC-3487387313
Health Informatics Research (BS/MS), NMCPHC-3346146432
Malaria Vaccine Postdoctoral Research,  WRAIR-4937463993
Biochemistry Research (BS & MS Candidates),   WRAIR-1259684897
December 2, 2018
Funding type: 
Graduate students